Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hari Raya Holidays

Was back at home last week and believe me, there's no place like home. Hot water for bath - tv at anytime - most importantly lovely Ipoh food! Banana leaf, fried mihun, chicken hor fun, pork ribs, claypot rice...yum yum..missing all that already!

On the second day of Raya, dad drove us up Cameron Highlands. Been ages since I went there. Now that the new road is done, it took only an hour to get up there and it wasn't a bad ride at all. I posted some pics on Facebook ( The best part of the trip has got to be the strawberries and avocados. Had loads of them before coming back to - USM.

Joie de Vivre @ Blogspot

This is it. I've finally decided to use blogspot. 

Li Ann's Food Trail & Random Places


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