Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thinking by Dale Wicks

Why am I blogging a 4.50 in the morning? I couldn't sleep that's why. Been doing some thinking and I couldn't fall asleep. So here I am blogging. Sometimes I wonder why I make things so hard for me and for others. I really wish I have a totally care-free attitude without worries, cross the bridge when I get to it, or just let things be whatever it'll be. Afterall, que sara sara whatever will be will be...right? The future's not ours to see...and you know how the song goes. When I first started blogging, I poured my thoughts and feelings out in my writings. It's been a while since I last did that. Think I'm getting rusty. But it does feel good to express freely in my blog..let it all flow out like how the water gushes out from the tap when you turn it open. All the joy, all the sadness, everything...just let it all out. It's a really good feeling and you start feeling lighter. Then there'll be more space for more feelings to fill and then you let it all out again. I want to start blogging like that again. I want to be able to feel every single moment and then feel more. During the transition between my old blog and this, I lacked that feeling or perhaps I was too occupied with other things. And yes there are other outlets for all my feelings to flow. Maybe that's why I stopped blogging...I don't really know. Anyway, I think I've let my thoughts and feelings flow for a bit. Yes the pipes are rusty so the flow isn't that good. This was just a random rambling post. Thank you for reading. It's 12 past 5am. Time to sleep...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tremors in Nibong Tebal

While I was taking my bath this evening, suddenly I heard the doors of the other empty cubicles knocking against the wall repeatedly. I wondered if someone was there knocking on the door or was it just the wind. It went on for a few seconds and then it stopped.

When I got back to my room, my roommates were asking me whether I felt dizzy a few moments ago. Then they told me that there was an earthquake. I don't think a lot of people here felt the tremors. I for one didn't but I did hear the effects of it. Many of my friends here didn't realise either. I guess you can't really feel anything when you're on the ground. Only those who were at the hostel  and library felt the tremors.

For more news on the earthquake, you can check out the links below:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eating to our hearts content & Jumper

This is how I look like when I'm sick but nevertheless, not sick enough to stop me from having some good-weekend-only-possible-food on the island. Hehe...I'll be sleeping the rest of my weekend
away though. Just before I return to my slumber, I shall fill you in on yet another one of my trips to Penang. Hmm...I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog to "The Adventures of Li Ann in Penang"...haha...

Yesterday, my friend Ghad drove down to Penang. Adrian and I took the opportunity to get a ride to the island (not a free ride - the car was rented). A day for just the two of us.

meet my trusty sidekick

We reached the island just in time for lunch...after checking out Ghad's sunglasses at Gurney Plaza that is. Initially, Adrian and I wanted to have lunch at Manila Place but it was packed. The mushroom soup there is just marvellous. Well, next time we'll have it! So we walked around and spotted Breeks Cafe at G Hotel next door. Love the decor!

Adrian ordered Seafood Pasta which looked really good with all that cheese and the mussels.
Li Ann: So how's it?
Adrian: Nice :)

I had the Whole Chicken Leg with a choice of either Honeyberry sauce or BBQ sauce. I chose the BBQ sauce. The chicken was nice and tender. It tasted really good with the BBQ sauce. But I must say that the BBQ sauce is a bit too salty for me. Shall try the Honeyberry sauce next time. Oh yes...before I forget. Something that's worth mentioning. The mashed potatoes which came with the chicken tasted excellent! It had a thick consistency and I just can't have enough of it. Really good I must say!

Oh and Adrian had bruchettus too which was really good according to him...all down the stomach before it could pose for the camera :(

Whenever I see lemonade in the menu, I must have it. Not many places can actually make good lemonade. I only know a few places like the Dessert Hut in Ipoh though it depends on the person preparing it. Auntie  Anne's has some decent lemonade too. But the best and most consistent I've had can be found here at good ol' Nibong Tebal. It's located near Sungai Krian where you can hop on a boat to see fireflies.

Rating for Breeks Cafe: 7/10

After lunch, we watched the new movie Jumper.
Good fun action
Nice graphics
Not enough storyline!!!!

What's with movies these days!!! So disappointing! The potential is there but not maximised. Storyline is always lost amidst the action. I want to know why, how, when, what and everything related to the story. It's like a donut. You have a nice juicy ring with a big fat hole in the middle. It's not fair to leave me like this - incomplete.

Rating for Jumper: 5/10 - worth watching but not worth watching...

For dinner, we took a stroll down Gurney Drive. Instead of going to the hawker centre just a few steps away from Gurney Plaza, we walked the opposite way. The walk was worth it. We passed a few shops but decided it wasn't really good enough. Finally we stopped at Kedai Makanan Song River. It wasn't a very big hawker centre but there were lots of people there. Yes, we followed the crowd. Adrian had fried rice while I had the crab meat mihun. Food was so good that..ahem..we forgot to snap some pictures until we were almost done with our food....

Before (check out the crab meat)


The photos speak for themselves.

Now for not so good hawker food...fried oyster with eggs...not as good as expected. Maybe other places have better ones.

On our way to Song River, we spotted this place, Crepe Cottage. I've read about this place somewhere before. I can't recall where. So for our dessert, we decided to give this place a try. Crepe Cottage is a very small renovated kampung house along Gurney Drive. You might miss the place if you don't look carefully.

Nutty Chocolate Crepe

Plain Pancake with ice-cream and maple syrup

The crepe was alright with lots of nuts and not enough chocolate...hehe...while the pancake Adrian had was thick and well, plain since it is called Plain Pancake afterall.

Nothing really special about the crepe and pancake we had and it's a bit pricey. Don't expect too much as this is just a small family business. But it's worth a try as there are many choices of home-made crepe and pancakes available. I want to try the Tripple Cheese Pancake next time!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14th.
Some people look forward to it, some dread this very day.
Some prefer to stay at home to avoid friends and all the lovey-dovey couples on the streets.

And for some, like our beloved Prime Minister, announced the date for the 12th General Elections. (It's on March 8th by the way.)

Either way, Happy Valentine's Day to all!
And remember to buy tomorrow's newspapers because you'll get to see all the bizarre things that people do on Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gong Hei Fatt Choy

my cute little nephew

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Rat. I read somewhere that this year isn't going to be smooth sailing for us Tigers, but nevermind that! Hang in there, Tigers! We're tough and will definitely survive one way or another.

On a different note, this year has got to be the shortest celebration for me ever. I had to come back to uni on the 4th day as classes resumed yesterday. It's such a pity. I'm still in holiday mood! Anyway I hope all of you got your fair share of ang pows and had a great time celebrating with friends and family. I certainly did. Really good getting to see most of my cousins...and you can be certain that I have loads of them :)

my cousins, dad and me

Met up with some of my old friends (Sasi and Kar Leng) whom I've not seen for quite some time.
L-R: me, Oi Leng, Oliver, Darren, Sasi, Kar Leng, Wen Han

Gong Hei Fatt Choy everyone!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Food & Tea

Watched Cloverfield this afternoon with my friends. Two words: interesting, you may have already heard, the entire movie was shot from a handycam so the entire journey is pretty jerky. In my opinion, best to watch this on tv instead. Halfway through I was feeling rather dizzy. But all in all, the movie is good. It's not your usual 5 star blockbuster movie. However, I think it could have improved on the storyline and provide some follow-up after the whole incident. Worth the watch if you're looking for something refreshing. Warning: Do Not Eat Before The Movie...or even during haha...I didn't finish the popcorn for the first time!

Rating: 6.5/10

After the movie, we headed for Food & Tea. It's a new restaurant at Kinta City. My first time there. They have pretty much the same sort of food you'd find at Kim Gary. I like the decor of the place. Before I show you the food...a little introduction of my friends:

This is Chin Kit. Looking suave with the new hairstyle and spectacles haha...but I just realised he's much shorter than I remembered. Just slightly taller than me.

Chee Sheng, my friend back since high school. Just graduated and back from Australia for Chinese New Year.

The unwilling models...tsk tsk...still got both of you in one shot anyway :P

Last but not least, Oi Leng. Yay...a fine model you make, girl! I likey! Like your hair! Haha..this is who I always go out with when I come back and this is also my source of anime :)

Haha..Ice las-ka...Alaska? Didn't order this but it was in the menu.

Chin Kit ordered kaya toast. According to him:
well.. it was kinda oily u can see it.. with the butter on top. other than was nice.

Oi Leng ordered the above.  I forgot the name...chicken cube...portugese sauce...something like that. I asked if it was good or so-so...she said so-so but the sauce was nice. I think the sauce contained turmeric.

And I had the cheese baked rice with chicken wings. Lots of cheese and some cream too. The chicken was nice but I prefer the one at Kim Gary...more cheesy and tastes better.

After lunch was over, we parted ways with Chee Sheng. Chin Kit fetched Oi Leng and I home...but haha..weekend crowd got us stuck in a traffic jam just outside Kinta City. And so....When you're stuck in a's time to snap some photos!

Oi Leng, you look kawaii! Haha...Thanks CK for fetching me home!

So there was my outing today. A bit shorter than usual when I go out with Oi Leng but anyway got some new anime stock to watch when I go back to uni. Bwahaha...I lent Hana Kimi to Oi Leng! She will soon be infactuated with Ikuta Toma!!! :)

Anyway, when I came home yesterday...this was the first thing I did...

Found this in my cupboard. I sent the cloth to the tailor's during the holidays and daddy had collected it for me...hehe..this, my friends, is the uniform for MPDL (Majlis Penghuni Desasiswa Lembaran). It's supposed to be purple but it looks kind of bluish..that's ok..I like it.

Friday, February 01, 2008


As Hiro Nakamura says it: YATTA!

Dad picked me up from uni this morning and here I am blogging from home sweet home. I'm on a week's holiday till next Sunday! Everyone who's back in Ipoh for Chinese New Year, leave me a message here or SMS me. I'm home to collect ang pows from you and you and you! Haha...

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