Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eating to our hearts content & Jumper

This is how I look like when I'm sick but nevertheless, not sick enough to stop me from having some good-weekend-only-possible-food on the island. Hehe...I'll be sleeping the rest of my weekend
away though. Just before I return to my slumber, I shall fill you in on yet another one of my trips to Penang. Hmm...I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog to "The Adventures of Li Ann in Penang"...haha...

Yesterday, my friend Ghad drove down to Penang. Adrian and I took the opportunity to get a ride to the island (not a free ride - the car was rented). A day for just the two of us.

meet my trusty sidekick

We reached the island just in time for lunch...after checking out Ghad's sunglasses at Gurney Plaza that is. Initially, Adrian and I wanted to have lunch at Manila Place but it was packed. The mushroom soup there is just marvellous. Well, next time we'll have it! So we walked around and spotted Breeks Cafe at G Hotel next door. Love the decor!

Adrian ordered Seafood Pasta which looked really good with all that cheese and the mussels.
Li Ann: So how's it?
Adrian: Nice :)

I had the Whole Chicken Leg with a choice of either Honeyberry sauce or BBQ sauce. I chose the BBQ sauce. The chicken was nice and tender. It tasted really good with the BBQ sauce. But I must say that the BBQ sauce is a bit too salty for me. Shall try the Honeyberry sauce next time. Oh yes...before I forget. Something that's worth mentioning. The mashed potatoes which came with the chicken tasted excellent! It had a thick consistency and I just can't have enough of it. Really good I must say!

Oh and Adrian had bruchettus too which was really good according to him...all down the stomach before it could pose for the camera :(

Whenever I see lemonade in the menu, I must have it. Not many places can actually make good lemonade. I only know a few places like the Dessert Hut in Ipoh though it depends on the person preparing it. Auntie  Anne's has some decent lemonade too. But the best and most consistent I've had can be found here at good ol' Nibong Tebal. It's located near Sungai Krian where you can hop on a boat to see fireflies.

Rating for Breeks Cafe: 7/10

After lunch, we watched the new movie Jumper.
Good fun action
Nice graphics
Not enough storyline!!!!

What's with movies these days!!! So disappointing! The potential is there but not maximised. Storyline is always lost amidst the action. I want to know why, how, when, what and everything related to the story. It's like a donut. You have a nice juicy ring with a big fat hole in the middle. It's not fair to leave me like this - incomplete.

Rating for Jumper: 5/10 - worth watching but not worth watching...

For dinner, we took a stroll down Gurney Drive. Instead of going to the hawker centre just a few steps away from Gurney Plaza, we walked the opposite way. The walk was worth it. We passed a few shops but decided it wasn't really good enough. Finally we stopped at Kedai Makanan Song River. It wasn't a very big hawker centre but there were lots of people there. Yes, we followed the crowd. Adrian had fried rice while I had the crab meat mihun. Food was so good that..ahem..we forgot to snap some pictures until we were almost done with our food....

Before (check out the crab meat)


The photos speak for themselves.

Now for not so good hawker food...fried oyster with eggs...not as good as expected. Maybe other places have better ones.

On our way to Song River, we spotted this place, Crepe Cottage. I've read about this place somewhere before. I can't recall where. So for our dessert, we decided to give this place a try. Crepe Cottage is a very small renovated kampung house along Gurney Drive. You might miss the place if you don't look carefully.

Nutty Chocolate Crepe

Plain Pancake with ice-cream and maple syrup

The crepe was alright with lots of nuts and not enough chocolate...hehe...while the pancake Adrian had was thick and well, plain since it is called Plain Pancake afterall.

Nothing really special about the crepe and pancake we had and it's a bit pricey. Don't expect too much as this is just a small family business. But it's worth a try as there are many choices of home-made crepe and pancakes available. I want to try the Tripple Cheese Pancake next time!


  1. beh tahan you la ann...sick liao still can go & have those crazy food...somemore didn't call me out for that...hands down...really...& FYI i'm eating fried noodle only for lunch okay...on that 'Big Day' of mine...huhuhu...

  2. was just the 2 of us only. u know like belated v-day celeb...

    aiseh...tell me earlier least take you go eat pizza..we go k after i'm cured?

  3. lovely...okay la...i got your point...wuakakakaka

    & regarding the pizza...hmm...i'll take it as an at you better get recovered ASAP...hahaha...

    oh yeah i failed to log in to your blog when i'm back in desa...i wonder why...hmmm...

  4. hahhaa...that's weird...i've been blogging from here.

  5. the food.. im.. drooling ~ :P :P :P

  6. hehe...thinking of supper? and why you always get disconnected? see..can't send you the pics again!


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