Friday, June 27, 2008

Battle Stations!

For a while now I've been playing this game Battle Stations! on Facebook. This is by far one of the best games on Facebook. It's interactive, addictive, there's a large community playing actively and most importantly good support from the developers of the game. The game is constantly upgraded and improved. Though some of the changes are hard to swallow at first, they are made to make the game balance. Since playing Battle Stations!, I've pretty much dumped all the other games I used to play haha...

I'm lazy to describe the game :p so here's the description of the game by the developers:

Pilot your very own airship, explore uncharted territories and become the most powerful battleship to sail the skies!

- Fully Animated ship-to-ship Battles! 
- Different ways to play: Engage in challenging PvP combat or just trade and explore to become more powerful
- Create your character from one of 5 unique job classes 
- Travel between up to 5 different ports
- More than 100+ ships, weapons and equipment to choose from and many more secret ones waiting to be discovered!

Haha..this game has been entertaining me throughout my holidays. Check out the game here: Battle Stations! You won't regret it :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

No-confidence Motion Against Prime Minister

For those who have not been in touch with the current happenings in Malaysia, a Barisan Nasional component party, SAPP, has revealed that they will table a motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister. Apparently, Anwar Ibrahim has something to do with the move as well.

Not that I'm complacent with the current leadership and all. Of course BN could have done much better than this. They've become too laid back and ignorant due to the overwhelming majority they usually get during the elections. The last elections should serve as a wake-up call for BN to buck-up and prove their worth.

It's good that Pakatan Rakyat prevented BN from getting 2/3 majority. However, I totally disagree with their move to table the motion of no-confidence. It is known that PM Abdullah Badawi will be handing over his post to DPM Najib. The question is when? The transfer in power is bound to happen but we can't expect changes to happen overnight. This move by PR is unnecessary. Kicking-up a fuss like this only endangers our country's political stability and we all know that influences the economy as well. I agree that compared to former PM Mahathir, PM Badawi lacks that shine which Simon Cowell will probably say "you don't have the X-factor". He has a different style so let him do things his way at his own pace. Not everyone can be a leader. I prefer Badawi to Bush that's for sure!

True that many are upset over the sudden increase in petrol prices. True that many question the raise considering we are an oil producing country. True that much is left unexplained. But it is wrong for PR to take advantage of this situation. And quoting Anwar Ibrahim "I will step down if oil prices do not decrease". I don't know how much is true that he would come out with that statement. Certainly that carries a lot of weight. Still, if he has some magic formula to reduce oil prices, I'm sure we would have heard of it from other countries around the world facing the same problem.

Anyway, I don't think our PM purposely reduced the subsidies. BN still wants to win the next elections mah!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Layout - Blackout

Woohooo! Changed my blog layout yesterday. It took me a while but I finally got it to look the way I wanted. I'll probably spend the next few days tweaking it a bit more. Maybe change the colours? Who knows? Anyway I really like this new layout mainly because there are 3 columns. Now I can add more stuff to my sidebars! Haha...

If you're looking to change your blog's layout too, I got my current layout from here:

I highly recommend this site. There are lots of really nice layouts. And I don't mean the same layout with different backgrounds and colours. I mean real different layouts - 2 columns or 3 columns - a departure from the regular Blogger layout. There are also helpful posts on how to change the look of your blog. Good stuff :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Won RM14k!!!!

TAHNIAH Simcard Anda Memenangi hadiah Cek tunai RM14,000.00 dari DIGI Sila hubungi Cs: 006281355655713 Terimakasih.



LOL~!! See how they try to fool you by adding Pengirim: DIGI BERHAD? An official Digi message shows that it really is from Digi in the sender column like this...


A check online revealed that +62 is the country code for Indonesia... =.=" Indonesia's Digi rewards me???

Yet another SMS scam! I also found this article through Google. Why I get less money one???

Well guys, just be careful! Lots of these scams going around. Do your homework before you respond to them and most importantly, ask yourself, Did I enter a contest?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tao Cuisine

All you can eat buffet for just RM60! But it's not just any buffet. You order from a menu and the food will be served to you. Yup! No lining up and pilling your plate sky high just to get your money's worth. Where, you ask? At Tao Cuisine of course! 

Some time ago, my friends and I headed down to Autocity in Juru, Penang. We landed at Tao Cuisine after hearing so much about it from Jeffrey. When we got there, the restaurant was already packed! Mind you, it was a weekday. Unbelievable! There were no seats inside so we sat outside. It's not so bad sitting outside actually. The ambience is really nice. But yea they have more waiters inside so the service is better comparatively. Nevertheless, we sat down and got straight to ordering! No time to lose! Let me share just some of the delicious food we had. By the way, Tao serves fusion. They've got lots of Japanese food though..yes yes sushi, steam stuff, grilled stuff, soupy stuff...all there..hehe...

California roll with salmon and cheese...tastes like tiramisu...*drools* think this is cod fish...very nice...yum yum

With Jeffrey, Jing Yan and Chin Lin here...hehe while waiting for more food to arrive...

Adrian's having sashimi which wasn't really nice

This is a MUST-HAVE!!!! Grilled lamb shoulder!!! Omg...the most delicious lamb shoulder I've ever had! It's even better than the one they serve at Scotch in Ipoh! The fragrance..the taste...omg...I yearn to have more of this! me...after having this, you'll love lamb and you'll never have lamb the same way again.

Another must-have! Grilled butter fish...I forgot what's it called in Japanese but you can always ask the waiter. But don't have too many! It's rather filling with all that butter.

Salmon which my friends had...I still can't stand the taste of salmon even when grilled..phobia I guess since I had the salmon sushi 

Unagi don!!! Nothing's just nice like it always has been. These are just some of the food I enjoyed. They serve lots of sushi..rainbow sushi bla bla...weird names also got...I really like the steam egg here. Very smooth! Haha..the last time I came, I had 3 or 4 cups of steam egg hehe...Oh ya, there's this snack with crab meat and cheese you got to have...don't remember the name though. Another snack that's really good is the scallops...oh yes make 5 orders at once! If I'm not mistaken each order only has 3 scallops.

They've got a 2-piece live of the advantages of sitting outside.

Really like the ambience...there's a lounge too if you prefer to have some drinks with friends. This is a place worth going to if you love good food especially Japanese. I think the RM60 once in a while is alright as long as you keep eating and eating and eating hehehe...

Only at....

Hmm...I think I should get paid for advertising Tao...haha...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Creating Traffic Jam 101

Petrol price is increasing!

Yes, petrol price will be increased to RM2.70 per litre from midnight onwards. And thus creating mass hysteria among Malaysians who think that saving today is better than not saving at all. Yes, fill up those petrol tanks! Nevermind the traffic jam you create causing police vehicles to turn up as well thinking that an accident had occurred. Nevermind the extremely long queue and the amazing number of vehicles on the road like a mass exodus is going on. Nevermind all the few bucks while you can!

Sigh...and there's the beginning of all other price hikes...the only consolation is that there will be an annual cash rebate per vehicle. But if you do your's really not much at all considering the domino effect of petrol price.

Read more about it here:

Li Ann's Food Trail & Random Places


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