Friday, June 27, 2008

Battle Stations!

For a while now I've been playing this game Battle Stations! on Facebook. This is by far one of the best games on Facebook. It's interactive, addictive, there's a large community playing actively and most importantly good support from the developers of the game. The game is constantly upgraded and improved. Though some of the changes are hard to swallow at first, they are made to make the game balance. Since playing Battle Stations!, I've pretty much dumped all the other games I used to play haha...

I'm lazy to describe the game :p so here's the description of the game by the developers:

Pilot your very own airship, explore uncharted territories and become the most powerful battleship to sail the skies!

- Fully Animated ship-to-ship Battles! 
- Different ways to play: Engage in challenging PvP combat or just trade and explore to become more powerful
- Create your character from one of 5 unique job classes 
- Travel between up to 5 different ports
- More than 100+ ships, weapons and equipment to choose from and many more secret ones waiting to be discovered!

Haha..this game has been entertaining me throughout my holidays. Check out the game here: Battle Stations! You won't regret it :D


  1.'re obsessed. tisk, tisk...*shakes head* =p

  2. lol...which one? Toma or BS? hehe

  3. I like this game too :)


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