Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Creating Traffic Jam 101

Petrol price is increasing!

Yes, petrol price will be increased to RM2.70 per litre from midnight onwards. And thus creating mass hysteria among Malaysians who think that saving today is better than not saving at all. Yes, fill up those petrol tanks! Nevermind the traffic jam you create causing police vehicles to turn up as well thinking that an accident had occurred. Nevermind the extremely long queue and the amazing number of vehicles on the road like a mass exodus is going on. Nevermind all the few bucks while you can!

Sigh...and there's the beginning of all other price hikes...the only consolation is that there will be an annual cash rebate per vehicle. But if you do your's really not much at all considering the domino effect of petrol price.

Read more about it here:

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