Sunday, June 22, 2008

No-confidence Motion Against Prime Minister

For those who have not been in touch with the current happenings in Malaysia, a Barisan Nasional component party, SAPP, has revealed that they will table a motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister. Apparently, Anwar Ibrahim has something to do with the move as well.

Not that I'm complacent with the current leadership and all. Of course BN could have done much better than this. They've become too laid back and ignorant due to the overwhelming majority they usually get during the elections. The last elections should serve as a wake-up call for BN to buck-up and prove their worth.

It's good that Pakatan Rakyat prevented BN from getting 2/3 majority. However, I totally disagree with their move to table the motion of no-confidence. It is known that PM Abdullah Badawi will be handing over his post to DPM Najib. The question is when? The transfer in power is bound to happen but we can't expect changes to happen overnight. This move by PR is unnecessary. Kicking-up a fuss like this only endangers our country's political stability and we all know that influences the economy as well. I agree that compared to former PM Mahathir, PM Badawi lacks that shine which Simon Cowell will probably say "you don't have the X-factor". He has a different style so let him do things his way at his own pace. Not everyone can be a leader. I prefer Badawi to Bush that's for sure!

True that many are upset over the sudden increase in petrol prices. True that many question the raise considering we are an oil producing country. True that much is left unexplained. But it is wrong for PR to take advantage of this situation. And quoting Anwar Ibrahim "I will step down if oil prices do not decrease". I don't know how much is true that he would come out with that statement. Certainly that carries a lot of weight. Still, if he has some magic formula to reduce oil prices, I'm sure we would have heard of it from other countries around the world facing the same problem.

Anyway, I don't think our PM purposely reduced the subsidies. BN still wants to win the next elections mah!

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