Friday, June 06, 2008

Tao Cuisine

All you can eat buffet for just RM60! But it's not just any buffet. You order from a menu and the food will be served to you. Yup! No lining up and pilling your plate sky high just to get your money's worth. Where, you ask? At Tao Cuisine of course! 

Some time ago, my friends and I headed down to Autocity in Juru, Penang. We landed at Tao Cuisine after hearing so much about it from Jeffrey. When we got there, the restaurant was already packed! Mind you, it was a weekday. Unbelievable! There were no seats inside so we sat outside. It's not so bad sitting outside actually. The ambience is really nice. But yea they have more waiters inside so the service is better comparatively. Nevertheless, we sat down and got straight to ordering! No time to lose! Let me share just some of the delicious food we had. By the way, Tao serves fusion. They've got lots of Japanese food though..yes yes sushi, steam stuff, grilled stuff, soupy stuff...all there..hehe...

California roll with salmon and cheese...tastes like tiramisu...*drools* think this is cod fish...very nice...yum yum

With Jeffrey, Jing Yan and Chin Lin here...hehe while waiting for more food to arrive...

Adrian's having sashimi which wasn't really nice

This is a MUST-HAVE!!!! Grilled lamb shoulder!!! Omg...the most delicious lamb shoulder I've ever had! It's even better than the one they serve at Scotch in Ipoh! The fragrance..the taste...omg...I yearn to have more of this! me...after having this, you'll love lamb and you'll never have lamb the same way again.

Another must-have! Grilled butter fish...I forgot what's it called in Japanese but you can always ask the waiter. But don't have too many! It's rather filling with all that butter.

Salmon which my friends had...I still can't stand the taste of salmon even when grilled..phobia I guess since I had the salmon sushi 

Unagi don!!! Nothing's just nice like it always has been. These are just some of the food I enjoyed. They serve lots of sushi..rainbow sushi bla bla...weird names also got...I really like the steam egg here. Very smooth! Haha..the last time I came, I had 3 or 4 cups of steam egg hehe...Oh ya, there's this snack with crab meat and cheese you got to have...don't remember the name though. Another snack that's really good is the scallops...oh yes make 5 orders at once! If I'm not mistaken each order only has 3 scallops.

They've got a 2-piece live of the advantages of sitting outside.

Really like the ambience...there's a lounge too if you prefer to have some drinks with friends. This is a place worth going to if you love good food especially Japanese. I think the RM60 once in a while is alright as long as you keep eating and eating and eating hehehe...

Only at....

Hmm...I think I should get paid for advertising Tao...haha...

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