Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hong Kee Egg Tarts

In the midst of the hustle and bustle in the town of Ipoh, there lies a quaint little coffee shop named Restoran Wing Sing. What's so special, you ask? It's just another coffee shop among the hundreds sprawling across Ipoh town, no?

Definitely not! Not so much of the coffee shop that I'm interested in actually. It's what I can find there which makes me drool. Hehe...

This is the place to be if you love egg tarts! Yup! There's a stall selling freshly baked egg tarts. They start selling early in the morning and trust me that by noon, it'll be sold out. In fact, yesterday I went there at about 11 a.m. and they were almost sold out already. Lucky me!

These lovely egg tarts costs RM1.20 each. If you buy by the dozen or half-a-dozen, they'll pack the egg tarts into a nice little box which is really good if you're buying them as a gift to someone.

Hehe..I got half-a-dozen for myself. Unlike others, these yummy yummy egg tarts smell really good. The crust is thin and crisp and there's so much space left for the custard to fill in the middle. Just look at soft and creamy...*drools*...I just adore the egg custard!

Do check them out when you're in Ipoh :)

So where's this Jalan Cockman? Haha...

Restoran Wing Sing, Ipoh
Corner shop along Jalan Dato' Onn Jaafar
(near Super Kinta and McDonalds)


  1. Adrian Hew3/7/08 1:41 am

    The tarts looks damn delicious.... I want~~~~

    And Cockman Street is just hilarious.... =p

  2. hehe..they are! lol Ipoh got a lot of old roads with english names..

  3. i prefer those sell in a stall of simee market. Same price also

  4. yea...i miss those egg tarts..especially kmp simee..

  5. this one I've yet to visit. escaped my mind a few times I was craving for tarts.

    of course, with Simee market's delectable egg tarts round the corner, Ipoh's gotta have the best of them! :)


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