Monday, July 07, 2008

Kimi wa Petto

Looking for a pet? How about Matsumoto Jun as your pet?  I watched Kimi Wa Petto (You're My Pet) recently. The story revolves around Sumire Iwaya who is a successful and independent woman. However, the people around her are not too fond of having such a woman around as they feel inferior. This makes it hard for her at work and she suffers from depression. On the way home one day, she stumbles upon an injured and homeless guy. Things starts changing around her after the guy accepts her offer to be her pet.

Matsumoto Jun, who plays the character Momo/Goda Takeshi, looking funny here acting like a dog.

As a pet, he even gets baths from his owner!

This story explores the relationship between man and his pet. Well, in this case, the pet's a man too...there were a few dance scenes which were really nice. The character played by Matsumoto Jun is actually a ballet dancer. The choreography was simply beautiful.

Anyway, this is a really nice watch and you get to see Matsumoto Jun acting cute and cuddly. You'll want a pet like him too haha..

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