Sunday, November 30, 2008

Everybody wants...

People change. Desires change. Expectations change.



No I'm not going to talk about Obama or Pakatan Rakyat. But yes, elections, the form of a Jdrama.

CHANGE is a Japanese drama starring Takuya Kimura. I watched this a few weeks ago. Actually I've been watching a lot of dramas a few weeks ago meaning during exam I'll be blogging about them when I feel like it :p

Anyway, CHANGE is about a elementary school teacher, Asakura Keita, who suddenly wins a by-election by a very small margin. He is thrust into the world of politics. Having no experience whatsoever, he is aided by the secretary, Miyama Rika, who aspires to be a politician. In the world of politics monopolised by the older generation, Asakura Keita chanced upon becoming the Prime Minister of Japan when one of the senior politicians plots a scheme to become the Prime Minister himself.

Unknowingly, Asakura Keita becomes a puppet. But as he has his own principles in life, the way he handles the office is very much different from his predecessors. As time passes, the puppet starts to move on his own, cutting free from the invisible strings which he never noticed.

This is a very uplifting story just like those based on sports. You know, where the underdog works real hard and wins in the end? I like these type of stories as they make me feel good and happy. CHANGE is definitely worth watching. By the way, it was aired during the period Obama was running for President.

The only thing I didn't like about this drama was the finale which included a 22 minute speech by the "Prime Minister". Like those we watch on TV or rather don't watch on TV. The speech was way too long and unfortunately not as ispiring as his earlier, shorter speeches. But I loved the ending.

Rating for CHANGE: 7/10

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