Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look at the big picture

Oh look we're getting free publicity again! Tourism will definitely increase now... -.- I'm pretty sure by now people halfway around the world have heard about someone in Malaysia wanting to ban Muslims from practicing yoga. *slaps forehead*

I was totally appalled when it appeared on the front page of the newspapers. This issue has never even crossed my mind. People were talking about Obama, oil prices, commodity prices, the economy and out of nowhere "Muslims are banned from practicing yoga". Seriously, I've never heard of any Muslims losing their faith or any other person changing their religion after practicing yoga. All this while I've only thought of yoga as a form of exercise.

If yoga is to be banned, what about gambling and drinking and prostitution or even smoking? Not only that, we're not to take the interest given by banks. =.="

Are we losing focus of things that really matter? Aren't we being hypocritical when we do the opposite of what we preach? Are we getting narrow minded in spite of all that education?

I think Calvin and Hobbes should be banned too cause it's like a bible to me :p

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