Saturday, January 31, 2009

Macedoine Dining

Where? Queensbay? You sure?

That's the usual reaction I get when I tell people about Macedoine. Not suprising though as this little cafe is situated at the "not so famous" North Zone entrance of Queensbay. I remember the first time I saw this place...I browsed at the very limited menu they had displayed then proceeded elsewhere for lunch...hehe...but anyway, I gave this place a try during new year...I know that was like a month ago???!!! haha...bear with me :p

Yes, dear friends, the photo above shows the entire kitchen plus the cashier's table at Macedoine. This really is a very small place as you can see, the sitting area in the photo below is really limited. It looks more like a small family operated business in this huge mall of franchises.

I had the Specialty Macedoine Deep Fried Seafood which was alright. Everything was piled on top of the potato wedges. I loved the baguette that came with the dish...very crispy and fragrant. At first I thought the portion was rather small as I had expected a larger serving of fish but overall it was just nice for me.

Meanwhile, Adrian had the Macedoine Signature Dish Breaded Chicken Chop. He was a bit disappointed as it didn't really seemed like breaded chicken chop but still not bad. Again, everything was piled on top of the potato wedges and yes in a unique triangular shaped plate.

What I like most about this place is the pricing. The price is very reasonable for a restaurant located in a shopping complex except for the soup..RM7.20 is really baffling compared to the pricing of all the other dishes...maybe it comes in a really large serving??? Anyway, we didn't order that. Have you tried the soup? Let me know...

Hmm...I just noticed that I like taking photos of menus. I guess it's simply because I'd like to know what is served and the pricing before actually checking out the place...ahem..yea so I'd bring enough money too haha... Many restaurants just don't have a website displaying their menu and price :p

North Zone Entrance,
Queensbay Mall,

Oh look! My little shop...Adrian took this photo at the entrance of Jusco. So sweet of him... By the way, I'm not associated to the shop in any way.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Italiannies @ 1 Utama

My first time at Italiannies and you can say that I fell in love with the place. Located on the first floor in the new wing of 1Utama shopping centre, this restaurant is nestled among other western food franchises. Italiannies is owned by
ChasWood Resources Sdn. Bhd. which also operates TGIF's. But compared to TGIF's, I'd definitely prefer Italiannies. Service wise is the same. Nothing much to shout about but not that bad either. Food and the servings make all the difference.

Right after we ordered our food, a waiter brought us some absolutely delicious bread and showed us the right way of eating i.e. by dipping the bread in some olive oil mixed with vinegar. Yummy! By the way, every table is served some bread depending on the number of people.

I love the decor and the atmosphere in the restaurant. Very comfortable setting for a meal with friends and family. You can hear the chefs cooking in the kitchen and be rest assured that your food is being prepared while you chatter away.

Adrian ordered the Chicken Parmagiana which came in a huge serving! I wonder if it's for two but Adrian gobbled it all down anyway..haha.. Two thumbs up from Adrian. I had a bite of the chicken and yes, it was absolutely delicious.

I had the Classic Carbonara which I must say is the best I've ever had. Absolutely creamy but not too dry. Heavenly is the word for it. I don't eat beef so I had the beef bacon replaced with chicken instead. For such a delicious meal, the Classic Carbonara cost me RM20.90 and an additional 10% service charge. Not bad at all. It was worth it.

This was one very satisfying meal and I look forward to my next visit there. Will I try something else? Well, I might order the carbonara everytime I go there since it's so damn good.

First Floor,
1Utama, Petaling Jaya

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