Friday, April 10, 2009


Will I get a room in the hostel next semester?

I shouldn't have to worry about that as my finals are starting on Monday. I've better things to worry about. But the lack of information and details just leaves me frustrated. Currently, about 90% of the people I know did not get a place in the hostel for next semester. Most of us have sent in the appeal form but we're being left in a limbo. The most disappointing part is the timing of the announcement. If changes are going to be made, information should have been passed on earlier so that we can prepare ourselves. Now we're heading towards the end of the semester and most will be gone right after the exams. It's downright disappointing.

Current rumours:
1. Current rooms for 4 will be changed to single, double or triple. Only the 2nd and 3rd floor will have 4 person rooms.
2. Ground floor and 1st floor for foreign students, 2nd floor for those involved in sports which leaves only the 3rd floor for normal students like me who make up about 70% of the student population....

That's what I heard from friends who heard from friends who asked the hostel office. Totally disappointed! It's irony really! I'm not going to say the details but this is just ridiculous. To achieve greatness for the future of the students, the students themselves are being forsaken.

It's going to be my final year. To move out for that one miserable year is a total waste of money.


  1. Pekaka alone can't accomodate the 90% portion

  2. Did you get hostel for next sem? Or already found a house outside?

  3. I didn't get hostel too, and havent tried to find a house outside. I think now isn't time to worry about the accomodation first but to get on with study. They still allow us to reappeal so why so pessimistic about it?

  4. cause from what I heard, spaces will be very limited and they will be choosing randomly. so i don't know if they would give 4th years priority.

  5. the problem with administration is prevalent everywhere ne?
    anyway, studies should be your top priority Li Ann!! Ganbatte! =D

  6. haha unfortunately...
    yosh! tomorrow's D-day!

    tension agette!!!


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