Sunday, May 10, 2009

LI Week 2

A four day week sure passes by quickly! It's week 2 already. I still haven't got my shoes!!! Aarghh..gotta remind my supervisor again and again... :( As usual, it was tiring sleeping 5 to 6 hours daily and no afternoon nap :p ... I spent the whole weekend sleeping in my comfy bed at home hehe...yea me lazy bum. Overall week 2 was a repeat of week 1 plus I finally got my hands on the machines. It's not too hard once you know how it works..bwahaha... I also started on a small experiment. Don't really think that the method used is very good but we'll see how it goes after a week.

What method? Well, I want something to be dry. The current method used is cleaning with IPA which doesn't seem to be very effective. I'm thinking of using calcium chloride. What do you think? I need feedback...are there any side reactions??? Do you have any other methods of keeping something dry???

Anyway, last week I spent some time talking with the operators and picked up a few things from them. Glad that they're very helpful =D

Reflection Week 2:
Gosh is this how my life would be in the future? Working 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. or later...Becoming sad when it's a 4 day workweek and 3 day weekend cause I can't finish my work. A workaholic's life... >.<

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  1. man, you totally sound like a stressed-out office XD take it easy gal! (^__^)


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