Saturday, June 13, 2009

Enough Twitting! It's time for a real post :)

Big Apple donuts..yum

Gosh there are so many things that I'd like to blog about! First of all, main campus' wifi is SO unstable. PMS-ing everyday! Glad there's Twitter for me to rant a little hehe...

Week 7 of industrial training just went by in a blink of an eye. We'll be having our trainee presentation in 10 days time. My supervisor's back in the office after taking mc due to chickenpox and this week Seok Chen's supervisor got while the world is fighting A(H1N1), here at my training place, we are fighting the chickenpox. Haven't got yours yet? Give me a call. I'll get you an appointment to get infected :p

I wanted to blog about Terminator Salvation but that's like outdated already so I just wanna say...did you see Arnold Schwarzenegger??? I was laughing my head off. Bet you were too haha.. Best cameo ever! Waiting for Transformers now hehe..

Oh ya do you play MouseHunt? Cause if you do, I'd like to introduce MH Demotivational Posters by Adrian Hew. Have a good laugh there :) What? You don't play MouseHunt? Hmm..check it out at then come back and check out the posters hehe..

One more thing. I've registered for Fluid Mechanics and Polymer Technology as electives for next semester. Still got 3 free units..what should I do with them..language course perhaps??? Hmmm which one...chinese? french? german? spanish? I can't decide... If only there's Japanese next semester.....

That's about it for now. Just really enjoying my training period...both the good and bad sides of it. Will definitely miss it when the semester starts.

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