Sunday, July 05, 2009

That was fun!

Some say that 10 weeks is just too short. That's how long my industrial training (internship) was and yes it has come to an end. Anyhow, during the past 10 weeks I've made lots of memories, both good and bad, which I'll never forget. Initially I had wanted to post about this weekly but unfortunately internet connection is just lousy around my hostel. Right now, I don't know where to start. There's just so many things to write about. I'm uploading photos to Facebook as I's taking forever! Yeah blame it on my dial-up connection.

Alright let me start with hostel issues...first, there was the chair. They took the "seat" from our chairs for "repairs" which turned out to be an upgrade. Cushion was added to the chair. Not that it was needed. I'd prefer to have a chair to sit for that 2 weeks the "seat" went missing instead. Next, we were forced to move to another room because the new students were coming in. And guess what...they didn't even give us ample time to move. Coming back to our rooms at 7pm only to find that our door locks were changed! We were lucky that there were still people at the office and we managed to get the new keys. That was a really frustrating situation for us. We then had to move our things in the middle of the night to a hostel located about 10 minutes away and that wasn't the worst part. The hostel was located on top of a hill!!! And so we climbed and climbed in darkness while carrying our heavy luggage. Absolutely inconsiderate towards our situation! We have to work from 8 in the morning and it was so difficult for them to just give us 2 nights to move our things. We're only human and we get tired. Besides, the new students weren't going to come in till a week's time from then. $#$^&@!!! Anyway, I'm not really angry...more towards disappointed actually...

That aside, I've learnt a lot in the 10 weeks working at AMD. I really enjoyed my time there. The engineers at my department are all amazing people. They're very helpful and willing to take the time to explain to us. I can't say that I liked doing everything I did there because some things were tedious and boring. But nevertheless, I'd recommend training there. The thing I liked most about working there is the culture. The environment is very casual and you're given a lot of freedom to do whatever that you want. It all depends on your own sense of responsibility. I will definitely miss going there for training :')

みんなさん 、 ありがとう ございました!


  1. Same sentiments when I left KPMG after internship. Still, yours was only 10 weeks.. after 7 odd months of doing my internship, I'm having difficulties adjusting to studying again. LOL =D

  2. was definitely a good experience :)

    is it your final year?
    haha...back to school!


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