Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear A&W

Dear A&W (Malaysia),

I was thrilled to see that you've finally decided to modify your beloved coney dog so that now there are 2 versions of it - Coney Dog Beef and Coney Dog Chicken. After all this while of watching my friends devour the ever fragrant coney dog, I thought that now, I too can savour this delectable dog. But to my despair when I read the description....

Yes, that's right...Coney Dog Chicken is served with minced beef sauce. For some people like me who don't eat beef, I guess I shall just stick to drinking your root beer and eat elsewhere :(

I quote former Prime Minister of Japan, Koizumi Junichiro:

"I believe that it's precisely because of chicken noodles that instant noodles has exceeded 100 billion servings per year. In this world, there are many people who can't eat pork, and many who can't eat beef, but everyone can eat chicken noodles, regardless of religion."

Source: Himitsu no Arashi-chan episode 3 (Matsumoto Jun's section on instant noodles)


  1. A&W's coney dof not as nice anymore. So you aren't missing out much dear. =p

  2. haha..that's just sad for A&W

  3. ohh, so u dun eat beef? religion or just personal taste?

    haven eat it's dog for a long time, evrytime go there eat it's ice cream wafer and root beer float only also overload already :)

  4. partly religion smells so good. darn..can see, can't touch.

    true a&w is like a place for desserts hehe


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