Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Namewee vs. TNB

Have you seen the video where Namewee gets upset that there's no electricity at his home and then starts throwing tantrums all the way to the TNB office? The rapping only starts at the end of the video by the way. If you've not, here's a link to the video on YouTube:
Namewee vs. TNB

Well what do you think?

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Namewee. Sure, our country's not perfect and yea some a lot people up there enjoy screwing up. Still I believe there are better ways to express your opinion. Raising your voice and throwing vulgar words will get you noticed, but who's really listening to all that you're saying? Will you be taken seriously?

For me, it's true that TNB should have provided some answers instead of pushing their responsibility around. It's like they're playing dodgeball and Namewee happens to be the ball. Perhaps they should learn some PR skills to deal with customers.

Look at the bigger picture:
1. TNB's building has electricity while there's a blackout in the surrounding area.
That's not surprising. Many enterprises including small time hawkers always have a generator or back-up electricity at hand. In fact, if TNB was in darkness too, I'd really doubt their capability at handling our nation's electricity.

2. Publish it! Announce it beforehand!
Hello, it's a breakdown not a shutdown. I didn't know that one can predict when a breakdown will occur and then publish it in the newspapers or announce it to the entire world. I'm assuming that would have to happen 24 hours prior to that otherwise the prediction will not make it to press time? By the way if you know someone who can predict that accurately, can you please refer him to me? I sure have a lot that I'd like him to predict for me.

3. Blackout = make a big fuss. After that?
Turn on the videocam when you're angry - CHECKED. Call TNB 9000 times to make sure nobody picks up the phone - CHECKED. Complain to TNB workers in the truck probably on their way to check on problem - CHECKED. Make a huge ruckus and gets escorted out by a security guard - CHECKED. Rap a few lines to make up for the lost lyrics and delayed release of a new single - CHECKED. Follow up actions including filling formal complaints, writing to the newspapers/ministry, filming a proper documentary on the poor TNB services etc........yet to be seen.

By the way, according to Laman Web Rasmi Majlis Perbandaran Muar, the phone number is er....different from that which Namewee dialed........well...I don't live in Muar so I don't know if the number's right or wrong but here's what I found anyway :P

These are just my thoughts and everyone is free to express their own opinion in their own way.

[EDIT]A check on TNB's website says that you can also call 1-5454 to report the disruption of supply at your place.[/EDIT]


  1. Very reasonable insight, my sentiments exactly.

    He's just like a little kid throwing tantrum, not exactly the type of attitude you want from a representative of the public. Which is why he is a small fry instead of a politician.

    One word, immature.

  2. PR skill? you joking right?

    namewee's compliant is reasonable. Look at the fact and not his attitude. This electricity breakdown problems still occurring even TNB staffs have sorted it out multiple times. It's normally a huge loss to a nation if electricity breakdown happen 3 times a year.

    If this happen in England, people from all over the area will complain to the electricity company. That's what they do and that's why newspaper will publish it all over the place. It's positive so that it will improved. Problems like that will never ever happen again. In Malaysia, it's not a big deal isnt it?

    What you said about namewee's checklist of complain is a disgrace. He's not trying to make a name for himself or something. If you say so, who's gonna let TNB know their laziness? He's bringing out our voice and the message from the community. If you think blackout is a big fuss, you probably haven't experience blackout several times in a year. That's just my own thoughts.

    by the way it's not immature.

  3. Your points are valid. nameWee is irrelevant..

    The problem within TNB is another issue..

  4. @anonymous

    yea I agree. it would definitely be a huge loss. and true people will complain. but have you ever seen a british video full of vulgarity complaining about their electricity? not that I know of. they complain through the media and in the right tone. like you said, newspapers will publish their problems not make a youtube video. I've seen better videos than that and those videos address problems in a better manner.

    fyi, i live in malaysia and i've not seen a blackout 3 times in a year (where I live) since the early 90's. in fact, the last time I saw a blackout was probably more than 10 years ago. like i said, look at the bigger incident does not represent everything. and for sure, he does not represent my voice.

    oh and please leave a name next time. be responsible for your own comments.

  5. I was replying to anonymous 1 btw.

  6. ooooo, i can't write songs because of blackout. oooooo. Big f*cking deal, namewee is a f*cking r-tard. ooo, i'm the man, i posted video of me acting like r-tard in TNB, ooooo.

    Namewee, an r-tarded publicity cunt, a disgrace to song writer and film maker alike. Didn't i see a video of namewee almost in tears apologizing to the Gov, where were ur balls then, R-tard!

  7. Anonymous 1 said:
    >>He's bringing out our voice and the message from the community<<

    I don't know about you, but my voice certainly don't sound like that. I am educated and know how to use more appropriate language. I certainly don't want to be associated with the likes of Namewee.


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