Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chili's @ G-Hotel Penang

After all those episodes of Man V. Food, we've decided to take on the challenge ourselves....NOT.... Our tiny tummies do not permit such ill-fated challenges where we'd probably end up in the toilet for the rest of the day. So here's to food *cheers*


I've finally dined at Chili's thanks to Adrian and his cravings for chilli cheese fries. Yes, watching Man V. Food does have its side effects. We had the Texas cheese fries topped with chilli beef sauce and the mashed potato with black pepper sauce. Sounds pretty little for two but our tummies were bloated by the time we finished. I'd say that the serving's just nice for two.


The Texas cheese fries with chilli beef sauce was slightly below expectations. Not to say that it wasn't delicious. I'd still recommend having the fries. It was tasty but somehow the cheese and spiciness was missing. It wasn't as fragrant and flavorful as I had imagined. Maybe I should eat with the chunks of jalapenos served with it. =P You can try, but you may die. Don't say I didn't warn you. The fries also came with a white coloured sauce which I totally love! It's not in the photo above. I wished I could kidnap the sauce and dip some chips in it.


Although we headed to Chili's with the intention of getting blown away by the chilli cheese fries, it was the mashed potato with black pepper sauce that won us over. Absolutely delicious with hints of black pepper in it. Aishiteru-yo...Best mashed potato I've had so far.

Our visit was short and we only tried two items on their menu. I certainly look forward to going to Chili's again and see what else they've got in store. By the way, do get there early as we had to be placed on the waiting list for more than 25 minutes even though we were there at around 7.30 p.m.. I don't know about weekdays, but it's damn crowded on weekends. Oh yeah, try to get all your orders in the first time (as soon as you catch a waiter's attention) because the place is so packed with people. We didn't even get the small plates we requested for after the food arrive. Can't wait for my next trip there!

Ground Floor,
(beside Gurney Plaza) 

P.s. I apologise for the dull pictures. I can be so stubborn when it comes to using the flash.


  1. wai chee also likes chili's mash potato alot, but i haven't tried before.

    Anyway where is the hotel? might want 2 go eat there

  2. haha you'll probably love it too!

    it's just beside Gurney Plaza at the al-fresco area but on the opposite side.


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