Tuesday, December 08, 2009


About 3 months ago, I blogged about A&W's Coney Dog Chicken advertisement and the fine print which says that minced beef sauce is used. So the Coney Dog Chicken is actually not 100% chicken. I also said that, "For some people like me who don't eat beef, I guess I shall just stick to drinking your root beer and eat elsewhere."

Oh what the heck!

I already had Texas cheese fries topped with chilli beef sauce. Well then here goes my first encounter with the Coney Dog.

With that said, I'm still not fully prepared to take on beef. So I ordered the Coney Dog Chicken instead. I can't stress enough that minced beef sauce is used because some people just don't take beef (mostly due to religious reasons).

Nice meeting you Coney Dog. You were absolutely succulent and delicious. Forget the beef sauce. You were worth it.

What's next? The McD Prosperity Burger??? I'm tempted....

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