Monday, December 21, 2009

Room To Let @ CariBilik

As a young adult, there are two things constantly on our minds. Firstly, higher education. Secondly, job hunting. Whichever a person chooses to pursue, they have one thing in common. And that is...

Location! Location! Location!

Unless you're lucky enough that you live near a college/university or the workplace, finding a place to stay is a common problem. Imagine living in Penang all your life and having to move to Sarawak to work. You'll have to rely on contacts in Sarawak to find a place for you to stay. But now there's an alternative especially for all tech-savvy young adults out there. Malaysia has her own room for rent website called CariBilik.

The website serves as a meeting point for those looking for a room to rent and those who wish to rent their rooms or are simply looking for a roommate to share the bill. Sure beats looking through the classifieds in the newspapers as the website is more organised. There are only two tabs on the page as rooms are categorised by location only. So finding a desired type of room may be a bit difficult. But then again, there's always the search function powered by Google to try out.

I'm quite amazed that the website has so many postings from Perlis all the way to Sabah. Yes, there are postings in all 13 states! However, I'm not sure if the postings are constantly updated and there may be many postings which are no longer relevant i.e. the rooms have been rented out already. By the way, this service is provided for free by Ocision which is also the holding company of PropWall. This explains the similar layout and concept. I'm a bit disappointed though that CariBilik does not have a place to pose questions regarding a location like that at PropWall.

Nevertheless, I like the concept and in about 7 months from now, I might just be using the website myself ;)


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