Sunday, January 10, 2010

Salsas @ Upper Penang Road

The past few posts have been about food and in this series, I'm actually saving the best for last. My new favourite is currently Salsas Restaurant. My dear and I have passed by this place so many times before. Salsas looks like a fine dining restaurant from the outside and has a very simple menu on display at the door. But to our surprise, the price is quite reasonable.

On our first visit there, we were early and were seated by the window =D This was also the first time I've seen a menu with more than 15 different set lunches to choose from! Yes I assure you that the menu was not referring to ala carte. It was totally different from the one shown outside the restaurant. There were so many choices from chicken to fish to lamb to pasta and cooked in different ways too. Price ranged from RM 13++ to RM 30++. We chose the RM 15.50 sets.

Each set comes with starters, main course, dessert and drinks. For starters, you may choose between salad or mushroom soup. As for drinks, fruit juice of the day, iced lemon tea or coffee/tea. Both of us opted for mushroom soup which came with a bun each.



I must say that the soup was absolutely delicious with tiny chunks of mushrooms. The buns? Warm and a bit crunchy. Very nice. The part I like most is the soft butter which spreads easily on the bun.



The menu listed descriptions instead of the names of the dishes. Adrian got the Set L which was pasta. Personally, it was the best pasta I've had. The spaghetti was not too dry nor too wet and the prawns were absolutely succulent. Four thumbs up! I really want to order this the next time I go there.



As for myself, I had roasted chicken with cheese from Set K. Deeeelicioussss! Too much vege and potatoes though. I could hardly finish them.

Everybody know set meals are meant to rip you off in some way or another but look at the portions served at Salsas! That's a full portion you'd get if you order ala carte elsewhere. Plus our sets were only RM 15.50 each. I'm definitely in love with Salsas. Oh and by the way, I like how the food came in a timely manner. The main course was only served after both of us were done with our soups. Perhaps it's because we were only their second customers for the day. Many came in after us though. From observation, most are regular customers and that speak volumes about Salsas.


For dessert, it was a nice and simple serving of ice cream, cake and cream puff. Don't you love it when your food comes arranged nicely?

Dining at Salsas was a lovely experience. The food was very good and the waiters were friendly. One of the waiters there looked like the capocameriere, Yonamine, from the Japanese drama Bambino! I've no complaints about Salsas. Very satisfied.

If you're wondering is this really my favourite so far, I'll just say this...I'd pick Salsas over a buffet. It's affordable fine dining afterall :)

Salsas Restaurant (corner restaurant just below Hotel Continental)
Upper Penang Road,


  1. Adrian Hew10/1/10 5:41 pm

    CRAVINGS!!!!! Arrghhh...

    I wanna eat there again..... Like right NOW!!!

  2. Me too! Blogging makes me hungry!


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