Thursday, January 07, 2010

Station 1 Cafe @ Komtar

Komtar has been undergoing some serious renovations in hopes to revitalise the place. There are now many new F&B outlets located at the main entrance. Typically, most are franchises of course including Station 1 Cafe. At first glance, I thought that its another one of those franchised kopitiam that serves nice coffee but the food may lack somewhat. But no! It's not even close to that. They serve western and a bit of fusion.

I seldom never order lamb at places which are not my regular "lamb places". Blame it on bad experience. Not everyone can cook lamb properly. So this was my first in a long time making that order of lamb. To be honest, it was good. Not the best but passable. Phew~ Worthy of mention is the pasta salad which was absolutely delicious. I could go on eating that.


Adrian had the mixed grill and was so bloated. They are pretty generous with their servings at Station 1 Cafe. I couldn't finish my lamb. Oh we also shared the garlic bread and mushroom soup. Both are not pictured for obvious reasons...I'm not too fond of them. The garlic bread was just bread with garlic spread. I prefer them toasted instead. As for the mushroom soup, it was a tad bitter. The bitterness does get to you eventually and you'd probably start to like it...but still it's bitter...

Total damage for 2 was about RM 60. It was alright.

Station 1 Cafe 
Main entrance of KOMTAR


  1. Adrian Hew7/1/10 5:15 pm

    I just realized that it is quite common in KL and PJ. Most of my friends tried before and said it was so-so.

    Must have been staying under a rock to have tasted Station 1 for the first time in Penang, although I came from PJ LOL.

    You forgot to mention the unseasoned potato wedges. =p

  2. haha...that proves how bland it was

  3. Adrian Hew7/1/10 5:21 pm

    Very bland... It taste like potato and nothing else, not even a tinge of salt...


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