Saturday, August 14, 2010

CarSifu Review

Thinking about getting a new car or a second-hand one? Want to compare prices or find someone near you who's selling his car? With the prices of goods going up these days, I think it's very important to compare before deciding to buy something. There are many websites on the internet today which caters to that. However, I find that most websites are crowded with advertisements and outdated postings that you'd be browsing pages after pages but not finding what you've been looking for.

CarSifu is a new car classifieds website in Malaysia which keeps things simple. The website, located at, has a clean look that's free from flashing ads telling you that you're the lucky 1,000,000 viewer etc. All the postings are  listed according to the car make and model. In addition to that, you can further narrow down your search according to the location of the car. This is pretty convenient as I, for one, wouldn't want to find a car that's located in Johor as I live in Perak. It would really suck if I found that one car only to notice that I'd have to take time off to travel across the country just to check out a car that might not even turn out as good as was claimed.

On the down side, CarSifu does not have reviews on the different car makes/models. So if you'd like to know more about a certain car, you'll have to rely on other websites. Another thing I noticed is that you can't search for cars according to its price. Therefore, comparing between different car makes/models might require opening of several tabs on your internet browser.

For those who are intending to sell your car, the website allows placement of car-for-sale ads for free. All you have to do is register with CarSifu and you're good to go. Well of course, as the website is still new, the number of postings is limited. More reason to advertise your car there as the chances of someone spotting yours is much higher :)

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