Sunday, April 24, 2011

Langkawi Day 1

Last weekend I headed to Langkawi with Adrian for a long-awaited vacation. Definitely needed a breath of fresh air and just relax. It was our first time there so I'll chronicle our trip in detail for other first-timers too.

We took a bus from Ipoh to Alor Star (which took 3 hours) and from there a taxi to Kuala Kedah (just 15 minutes away). From Kuala Kedah, it was a 1 and a half hour ferry ride over to Pulau Langkawi. The ferry services are quite good in terms of frequency and punctuality. Just head over to the jetty and get your tickets on the spot.

The initial plan was to stay there 2D1N. But we only arrived at Langkawi at 4pm and so we decided to extend our stay. Actually, if you take a flight over, 2D1N might just work out. But if you're on a budget and don't mind taking the time, 3D2N is good enough to explore the island.

On arrival, we took a short walk over to Jetty Point to rent a car. There are many counters renting cars and offering tours. Renting a car is probably the best way to get around the island. Saves you a lot of trouble looking for taxis. Do rent a car with a special sticker for authorised rented cars. You won't have to worry about road blocks. There's also a tourism center at the jetty where you can obtain a map of Langkawi. But I highly recommend using GPS the first time driving around.

After checking in at the hotel in Kuah, we drove to Pantai Cenang. The beach is about 30 mins away from Kuah. I'd like to try a hotel at the beach next time. The crowd usually gathers at Pantai Cenang and the night market goes on till midnight. A problem that we faced during the trip was finding food. We didn't really know where to go.


  1. i was here 2 months ago!!

  2. Hi Dr Azmin! Did u go for fishing there?

  3. Well designed, interesting, informative and entertaining. Keep it up

  4. Thanks Storyteller :) Visiting Langkawi soon?


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