Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vegetarian & Me

Putting the word "vegetarian" in the same sentence as "me" will mean the absolute opposite of me being a vegetarian. No, I'm not meant to be a vegetarian. I'm definitely an omnivore leaning towards carnivore and far far away from being a herbivore. In fact, this would be me on the Venn diagram.

Why would a person choose to be vegetarian other than for some health problems or religious purposes which require you to denounce eating meat? Imagine a world without meat? I can't! Glorious meat and not to forget, mouth-watering seafood! I have a nephew who's allergic to seafood but you know what? He loves seafood so much that he always keep some anti-inflammatory meds with him. There's also the lovely eggs ready to be devoured in any form cooked in any way! I know there are some vegetarians who do eat eggs. Good for you!

Did I ever tell you how amazed I am at eggs? You can eat them raw, half-boiled, hard-boiled, scrambled, sunny-side-up or even make an omellete! There are so many ways to cook an egg. There's also salted eggs and century eggs! Yum yum!

Anyway back to the topic at hand. From my observation, being a vegetarian isn't all that healthy either. There are lots of vegetarian dishes which are deep fried or made purely from flour. I can understand having salad with fresh vegetables and fruits or coleslaw (I love them too) but chicken or fish made from soya beans? It truly baffles me O.o

Do you eat to live? Or live to eat?

I guess it's a matter of preference and perhaps for health purposes that one chooses to be a vegetarian? It's not something I can fathom anyway. When it comes to the topic of being a vegetarian, I don't mind being labelled as ignorant. Please do enlighten me!

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