Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singapore Day 1.1 - Aeroline

I like this Survivor Singapore magnet. Sums up pretty much the things you can do in Singapore. OUTSHOP-OUTPLAY-OUTEAT... OK maybe not the outeat part. Malaysia's definitely a foodie heaven!

Took the Aeroline down to Singapore sometime in July. I'm always late with my blog posts I know! It was a comfortable 5 hour ride from 1Utama to Harbourfront. If you're wondering, Aeroline's a double-decker bus with a comfy lounge area and toilet downstairs.

Love the onboard entertainment. Thought that I'd spend the 5 hours sleeping but thanks to that movie-music-games-loaded touch screen, I watched 2 movies and lots of funny clips throughout the journey. We were also served Subway once the bus got onto the highway.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I enjoyed the ride back to KL even though we took Aeroline as well. The bus back from Singapore was old and didn't have that movie-music-games-loaded touch screen which I was looking forward too!!! Nevertheless, there was a tv on the bus showing some movie to pass the time and we were served pasta from PastaMania.

Aeroline ticket price to and fro 1Utama KL-Harbourfront SG - RM175


  1. Hi Li Ann,
    This is Rushan from Aeroline. Thank you for your blog about our coach. We would like to have your permission to link your blog to our FB page at: .Kindly give your approval to my email at: .Here is wishing your a happy new year!

  2. Hi Rushan! Thanks for the visit. Happy New Year to you too! Please check your email.


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