Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singapore Day 1.2 - Orchard Road

We headed down to Orchard Road by bus after checking into our hotel at Bugis. I absolutely love the public transportation in Singapore. Everything is linked and the underground walkways for the MRT are air conditioned and well-lit. Hope the one planned for KL will be just as good and clean. There's still a lot of walking to do though so choosing a hotel near MRT or bus stops will minimize sore legs. I guess it's true that they say Singaporeans travel by BMW. That's Bus, MRT and Walking.

I noticed quite a number of ice cream vendors selling ice cream potong along Orchard Road. Haven't seen that in ages! The sight of ice cream potong with Loius Vuitton as the backdrop really intrigues me. You'll probably never see that happening at Bukit Bintang in front of Pavillion haha...never never.... They're everywhere on Orchard Road! Don't really understand all the rage about it but it's absolutely satisfying on a hot day.

Dummies side-by-side. Adrian imitating the cardboard...OK I made him do it..LOL

After walking around, we ended up at some underground supermarket having tidbits and snacks for dinner. Spotted a lot of people buying chwee kueh (don't ask me how to pronounce it) so we decided to try it. Tasted pretty interesting. It's actually steamed rice cake topped with radish. Quite delicious actually. We got to try a lot of snacks there but probably not a very good idea. The portion's small and the cost adds up to quite a bit.

We walked around a bit more then took the MRT over to One Raffles Quay where Lilian is working. Just to collect Universal Studios Singapore and Lion King tickets!!! Yes, next stop USS! Lilian recommended going over to Clarke Quay but we were already tired and it's going to be a long day the next day at....USS!!! =)

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