Sunday, March 25, 2012

Singapore Day 2.2 - Universal Studios Singapore Stage Shows

Stage shows! Don't just love 'em? Here's ranking the 4 stage shows I went to at USS.

Coming in at #4...

#4 - Donkey LIVE @ Far Far Away

Hook's Knight Club is located away from the busy street. Just turn right into a small lane when you see Fairy Godmother in front of you.

Donkey Live! is basically a stand up comedy show hosted by none other than Donkey! Well, there's his sidekick too whose name I've forgotten =P There are funny moments but also boring ones. Catch this one only if you've got time to spare.

Now you simply can't compare #4 to these top 3 acts. The top 3 are all must watch shows!

#3 - Monster Rock @ Hollywood

Monster Rock is a mini musical that's highly energetic and entertaining. It'll leave you wishing for more. Very enjoyable show after walking around the park the whole day.

#2 - Lights, Camera, Action! @ New York

Image from Theme Park Insider
This is something very special hosted by Steven Spielberg, albeit virtually. Here you'll experience what's it like to be in a sound studio. You'll be introduced to different special effects used to simulate a real hurricane. Imagine a real hurricane inside a studio. It felt real. The sounds, the actions...simply fantastic!

And finally at #1...*drum rolls*...

#1 - WaterWorld @ The Lost World
WaterWorld is an outdoor studio built specially to showcase death-defying stunts and deafening explosions.

It's an interactive drama where there are different sitting zones depending on how wet you want to get. Check out the kids below sitting at the wet zone getting drenched!

WaterWorld shows how action movies are done. Come to think of it, Waterworld's really amazing especially when you reach the end of the show. It's amazing in the sense that when the next show starts, everything will be reset to zero and looked like nothing had ever taken place. But in actual fact, everything that had happened was extraordinary.

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